Where it all began…

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Solo Yoga is the beginning of a joint journey between me and those who wish to share in it.

It starts with sharing ideas, tools, knowledge, and natural wonders.

I have been blessed with the circumstances (some that may seem unfortunate) that have allowed my little wandering soul to TRAVEL the world. Although I have seen many places, I still have many more to go. However, every time I leave my beautiful home of South Africa where my Yoga journey began, I find myself drawn back in one way or another. This time I’ve decided to create something that will be a little more permanent back in sunny SA and see where it leads. A Solo mission to bring you Solo Yoga.

What you see today is merely the beginning of a journey that started a decade ago where I attended my first Yoga session. Over the past ten years there has been happiness, hardships, and a few passport stamps, but most of all there has been growth, personal improvement, and an overwhelming calm.

This was no easy task! It took a wrong turn here and there, a few whoopsies, multiple colossal f*** ups, and a lot of conscious effort to find me (which I am still in the process of). So many beautiful life lessons though.

I owe a great deal of who I have become to the wonderful world of Yoga and the way it reconnects us.

Today I begin with offering a little something from me to you, items that I love or have had a positive effect on my life. Solo Yoga will expand and there are many wonderful new products, tips, and events being planned for the near future, so please do stay in touch.

Whether you are only planning your Yoga journey or if you’re already on your way, I wish you a smooth trip filled with an abundance of light, love, and learning.




Only Yoga with Solo Yoga

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