Age of Aquarius

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

What is the Age of Aquarius and what does it mean?

The age of Aquarius is the current alignment of the planets within the 12 houses(signs), this time it is in the house of Aquarius, obviously. We have just left the alignment of planets in Pisces. This alignment change happens every 2100 years, give out take a few and it takes the planets 26000 odd years to complete a full cycle of all the houses. You do not need to understand astrology to know that the alignment of planets and the moon affect the energy on the earth (tides and moon farming are a perfect example of this) So... Each house has attributes that make it unique. As we know, not all people who are Pisces are identical, but they do have some similar characteristics. The same applies to the years in Pisces, not all were the same but a few common aspects are seen throughout.

The era of Pisces was a time of domination, beliefs, masculinity and individualism, and loss of old knowledge. Which was great as it gave us the tools needed for the next step. Now... The age of Aquarius will now be the utilization of the lessons learned over the past 2000+ years and how to do it together with no longer fighting each other. It is no longer important to be the best individual but really a whole collective of better individuals. However, this we can only do when we let go of the ego. We know how to do this, we have known for a while that the old system is dysfunctional. Now we have to implement what we know. During Aquarius, the feminine energy of nurturing is heavily present this time round(sure you've noticed that shift already) The collective family and universal love will be more and more important in the coming years. But... You cannot pour from an empty cup, so one needs to take responsibility for one's own happiness (no government, institution, and degree will do that). Think of yourself as a cell in a body. Healthy cells working together make a happy body. If the majority of cells are healthy, they can pick up the slack and aid the other cells to heal or create anti-bodies from what they have learned and will then heal the body. However, if half the cells are unhealthy and do not 'learn' from the illness the body will remain sick. For us to have a healthy system we need to learn from the last era, we will heal but only if the majority of the cells learn from what made them ill. This new age is all about community and knowing that your function in the universe is so important and needed but not more important than the universe itself. Without you, your universe does not exist and vice versa. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius